Signaling gassed GAZEX

    For one of the main objectives of housing and industry in energy efficiency should be attributed. To ensure safety requires delicate control of concentrations of air pollutants in the combustion products into the boiler and heating equipment.

Signaling gassed - a high-precision instruments for gas analysis, which control the combustion process and promptly correct mode of boiler plant, resulting in significantly reducing the fuel consumption of solid, liquid and gas through the optimization of its combustion. What can significantly reduce the money spent on fuel.

This type of gas concentration detectors has two types - automatic and manual actions. Signaling gassed automatic action can be divided into three main groups according to the principle of building measurements. The first group should include signaling gassed, the base of which is a physical method of analysis with additional physical reactions. The group number two include gas concentration detectors, which are based on physical methods of analysis, but with additional physical and chemical reactions. The third group comprises gas concentration detectors, which are based only on physical methods of analysis. Today, an increasing proliferation signaling are gassed the second and third groups.

Portable signaling gassed quickly and effectively analyze and servicing of various heating systems. In such signaling device gassed used a large variety of gas sensors that allow resetting without the need to get a tube of gas conduits.

Laid self-diagnosis function provides the user with detailed information about the alarm gassed and deterioration of its elements. This allows time to exclude possible problems.

In addition, current models detectors gassed with LCD display for easy logging all data and endowed with the built-in memory to save all measurements.

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