About "GAZEX"

About "GAZEX".
GAZEX - this is a highly specialized company engaged in the production of detectors, measuring instruments and systems for the detection and measurement of concentrations of toxic and explosive gases and oxygen. From the very beginning of its activity the enterprise strategy is based on the following fundamental principles:





Through hard work , cooperation with research institutions ( including the Head Mining Institute , the Institute of Industrial Chemistry , Oil and Gas Institute , Central Institute of Labour ) , co-operation with the oil and gas industry in Poland , as well as the technical support of the largest in the world manufacturers gas sensors , today - after more than twenty years of industrial activity and services - tens of thousands of customers can attest that the implementation of this strategy was a success .. Because of this, for now entrenched image of one of the leaders on the differing demanding market of devices for gas detection .

Chronicle of the most important dates in the history of the company :

1988 - The creation of an enterprise ;

1989 - The development of domestic gas detector DK- 1, winning status Innovation-implementation of the enterprise;

1991 - launch of the microprocessor dvuhporogovogo carbon monoxide detector WG- 2 (prototype controller exhaust in the garage WG- 22, ...);

1992 - the spread of the Japanese firm meters NEW COSMOS;

1993 - mass production dvuhporogovogo detector explosion proof DEX ®; development of hybrid technology and surface mount SMD;

1994 - Start of cooperation with PGNiG; use of sensors with technology NDIR ( optical, infrared radiation ), the development of portable meters of toxic gases miniTOX ®;

1995 - Development of active safety systems such as gas equipment ® GX;

1996 - close cooperation and support of Japanese firm FiS Inc., One of the largest and most dynamic manufacturing gas sensors in the world;

1997 - the first 10,000 installed systems of detection;

1998 - expanding the range of products offered by the two gases concentration meter AirTECH for agriculture , the introduction of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 ;

1999 - ISO 9001 certification from the German technical organization TÜV - as the first company in Poland in the field of gas detection , the development of a new generation of microprocessor- MD;

2000 - the spread of NDIR- Meter Company SenseAir ®;

2001 - development and certification of the first in Poland detector that meets the requirements of the European Union - DEX ® / F sensor with replaceable ;

2002 - Development of a new generation of portable universal meters of toxic and explosive compounds, and oxygen - miniTOX ® 3, ASBIG ® systems equipped with new cut-off valve - valve full bore ;

2003 - introduction of new technology - remote control gas detection based on the GPRS;

2004 - Launch of the detectors DEX ® / FA ... with replaceable sensor that meet the requirements of the ATEX;

2005 - introduction of technology -based bar codes ;

2006 - implementation of smart sensors ;

2007 - Launch of the stationary dvuhgazovyh detectors ;

2008 - Developing elements for systems with addressing ;

2009 - the first quarter of a million units mark in the market ;

2010 - change of residence of the enterprise , the production of new types of digital detectors DD for public buildings.

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